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0.6e is a rules-light fantasy game about voyaging and building bonds between characters and their surroundings.

Players choose to be either a Knight, Ranger, Wizard or Cleric. Each one provides unique ways for the players to interact with the world and weave their story. The Arbiter (similar to GM role in other games) is bound by the same rules as the players:

they both roll 2d6. who rolled the highest narrates.

In 0.6e I experiment with "GM role distribution" or "GM-light". It is not totally GMless, but the Arbiter doesn't hold absolute power over the narrative.

Inspired by FKR and Arnesonian old-school styles of play.

==this is game is being worked on==

As you can see in the last update, I am adding new stuff to the game and improving on what's already there! I am very excited about the direction this game is going, I only need some time to make it true <3


Buy Now$10.66 USD or more

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Was this game free previously? We remember seeing an 0.6 e in the origional 6e jam...

It was free for a brief moment of time when it was only a one page game! Right now you can pick up the community copies free of charge as well <3

I Love this system so much. It has such an interesting type of play. I am really looking forward for any updates. Great work.

Thank you so so much! I have some fun supplements for the Arbiter & Player roles planned for this year, so stay tuned (maybe even print! who knows). Glad you are enjoying the game <3

I loved this update!! Wow! This is quite great


Thank you! I hope I can keep the updates coming every one or two months. Right now I’m working on a sort of bestiary and more GM guidance. :o